Hi, I´m Olga and in January 2015 I moved to Canberra from the beautiful city Prague. The distance is just 16 038km. According to my family, I couldn´t move any further away. Off course I could, to Wellington, which is 18 193km away. But it wasn´t meant to be. Love of my life is from Canberra.

So here I am, a Czech in ACT. (Australian Capital Territory)

This blog will be about food, recipes, photos, life and a few other things I like. It might help you cook better dinners, will bring a smile to your face and maybe make you think about life, love and “who knows what else”. It will be as well a connection between me and my family and friends in Czech republic, so they will know what I´m doing here (right now mostly cooking, eating and thinking  too much:). You can fid Czech version HERE.  We will see in the future which direction this blog will go.

  • Do I possess amazing writing skills?  NO
  • Is my English exceptional?  NOT at all
  • Do I have some secret recipe for life or food?  NO
  • So why the hell did I start this blog???


My blog is not perfect. Neither am I, but with a bit of luck we’ll both get better. Here starts my big adventure.

This is the only place I will apologize for my English. It won´t be perfect, but that is how I speak and for now I don´t know a better way. Hopefully, this will get better too. 🙂 After all English is my second language.

Any questions, comments, compliments? Don´t hesitate to contact me.